When Mim met Rita…

by mimshaikh

The girl of the moment right now – Miss Rita Ora, is currently touring with DJ Fresh all over the country. She recently made an appearance at Leeds University Union, where she shacked out the whole venue!

Once I found out that Rita was going to be performing in Leeds, I could not let this opportunity slide, I had to get an interview with her, and that is exactly what happened:

Inside the Rita Ora tour bus, where we recorded the full interview.

I wanted to know everything about this young girl, her journey has been remarkable: I wanted to know where it all started, how it happened, who influences her, why is she such a success and most importantly why she has a problem with the word eclectic?

 Listen to the full interview here:

R.I.P‘ is her first debut single which is out now to download from iTunes.

Mim Shaikh and Rita Ora backstage before her performance at Leeds University Union.

This Sunday on the Official Chart Show, I have no doubt that Rita Ora will be at Radio 1 – celebrating her new number 1!