Who said ‘Grime’ was dead?

by mimshaikh

“Nah, that tune’s too commercial man”.

I’m sure we’ve all heard or even said this over the past few years when some of our favourite urban artists have decided to go and chase the money and release mainstream music for the charts.

Recently I’ve been reminiscing over the old school grime wave that infiltrated the school playgrounds when I was growing up as a young gun.Recently, I was told to listen to a track which features Lil’ Nasty, Double S, Lady Leshurr, Scrufizzer, Dot Rotten and Tre Mission. 

A follow up to the original with Ruff Sqwad, Ghetts, Roachee and Stutta, the ‘Hoods Up’ remix sees a new barrage of MC’s take to Teddy Music’s unrelenting production for another posse cut.

Grime is still live and kicking and its demonstrated lyrically in the video below: