Tim Westwood vs Mim Shaikh

by mimshaikh

Last summer I completed a placement with Radio 1 and 1Xtra’s Newsbeat.

On my last day I was helping out in the radio studio on the bottom floor, it was just after 4pm and we all know that means TIM WESTWOOD TIME on BBC Radio 1 Xtra.

Little did I know that the big dog was going to pull the mic down and make me go live on NATIONAL radio.


I done what comes natural to me – I bantered my way through what he had to say and ask.

How can my man tell me to “make him a coffee” because I’m on placement. I weren’t having it, he was making me look like a fool, as he does to everyone on national radio.

I decided to react and I told him: “I’m gonna take your spot one day Westwood” to which he reacted: “KILL HIM!”.

Listen to the clip here: