Trapstar London

by mimshaikh

The established lifestyle brand ‘Trapstar London’ seems to be making it’s name even more prolific amongst consumers.

The founder, Mikey Trapstar states:

“We wanted to make clothing that we would actually wear, clothes that referenced us and like-minded people around us. I built my brand on the idea of it being a secret because we wanted to preserve the brand to a limited few, but it ended up attracting more people.”

Some of the stars supporting the brand at the moment are:  RihannaWiz KhalifaFabulousAngela SimmonsA$AP RockyChris BrownTyler, the CreatorDappyTinie Tempah, and Eliza Doolittle

The brand seems to be very popular with the youth at the moment, as everybody seems to be rocking either a T-Shirt, Beanie or Snapback from the brand.