The Guardian Student Media Awards 2011

by mimshaikh

Now for those that know me, you know that I’m an aspiring Broadcast Journalist, coincidently studying Broadcast Journalism at the University of Leeds. As part of my second year assessment I was told to research, investigate, script, film, produce and edit a five minute news feature in the style of a news broadcaster of my choice. I decided to investigate a story which meant something to me, a subject that I was passionate about, an issue which no other news outlet would focus on.

Therefore, I produced a news report on ‘The Persecution of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association:’

I received a first class mark for the report as part of my degree and I was more than satisfied with that. However, a few months later, the report was submitted in The Guardian Student Media Awards for Broadcast Journalist of the Year where I was shortlisted for the category.

Nervous wasn’t even the word to describe how I was feeling on the night of the awards. It was as if my stomach was doing backflips over and over again – I never experienced anything like that before in my life! Shout out to my Uncle for the video production skills.

Although I didn’t win the award, I was more than happy with the nomination. I never thought that one of my assessments for university would go far enough to get noticed by people in the industry. As one of my close friends told me a few days later: ‘Your nomination was a success in itself.’